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Poverty and exclusion are an unfortunate fact of life. They take different shapes and hide behind many different faces. Women, men, children, young people, and families in difficulty depend on the invaluable help of some 1,500 agencies and projects supported by the Centraides of Quebec to turn things around for the better. Each branch raises money in its own region, judiciously investing the proceeds to boost its impact and foster a better quality of life for its most vulnerable fellow citizens and — ultimately — for our community.


Centraides of Quebec:
The strength of a network,
the effectiveness of local action

Around 1,5 million Quebeckers experience the effects of poverty and social exclusion on a daily basis. Women, men, children, youth and families in difficulty rely on the invaluable assistance of some 1,500 agencies and projects supported by the Centraides of Quebec to overcome their hardship.

The initiatives of these different Centraide are locally targeted and adapted to regional realities. Yet they all share the same mission, as the fight against poverty and social exclusion has no borders. Poverty has multiple faces, and its causes are increasingly complex. This is why Centraide supports such a vast network of resources in diverse areas: food insecurity, school dropouts, homelessness, delinquency, violence, drug addiction, mental health problems, isolation and other issues.

To help the vulnerable in their communities, each Centraide organizes an annual regional fundraising campaign. This vast mobilization effort engages the generosity and commitment of hundreds of thousands of donors and volunteers, which has given rise to one of Quebec’s largest movements of support and mutual aid.

But Centraides strength is not limited to their ability to collect donations. The Centraides of Quebec are also keenly aware of the realities of their particular communities. They can identify the resources that are in the best position to make a difference. The funds raised in their territories are invested in local agencies and projects that are recognized for breaking the cycle of poverty among children, youth and families, for reaching out to marginalized people, and for supporting neighbourhoods or municipalities that face significant challenges.


Committees of volunteers from different activity sectors ensure that the entire funding allocation process is impartial and effective. The members of each Centraide board of directors, who also possess diverse expertise and knowledge, make sure that donors’ contributions are managed soundly and targeted based on a territory’s particular issues and priorities. Each Centraide therefore has its own independent structure and board of directors.

The Centraides of Quebec share practices and collaborate on various initiatives. They inspire each other to drive progress and act more effectively.

By contributing to Centraide, donors help their fellow citizens in need regain control over their lives. They also support all Centraide in their joint actions to prevent social problems and improve living conditions for the entire population of Quebec. In the end, all of society benefits!